FTK Forensic Toolkit

Stay ahead of threats with a comprehensive vulnerability assessment, available through IPRS Consultants, trusted reseller.

FTK offers crucial time savings in critical investigations, swiftly directing investigators to vital artifacts and reducing case closure durations. Its efficiency in narrowing down investigation scopes ensures a head start, recognizing the urgency of every second.By focusing on the most significant leads, FTK optimizes resources and enhances investigative outcomes. Its streamlined approach empowers investigators to stay ahead in rapidly evolving scenarios, making it indispensable in time-sensitive operations.

Seconds matter in critical investigations. FTK gives investigators a head start by pointing them directly to the artifacts that matter most, narrowing down the scope of their investigation.

Be Instantly Productive

FTK’s intuitive interface design makes it easier for both experienced investigators and non-technical users to navigate within the software, dramatically reducing the learning curve for all skill levels.

Search Evidence Faster

Since evidence is processed and indexed up front, you don’t have to wait for index searches to execute during your review. Filter and search evidence faster and more consistently than in any other solution.

Unlock the Power of Digital Evidence with FTK

Quickly locate, collect, and analyze digital evidence with the industry's most trusted solution, FTK. Its reliable, scalable processing engine accelerates evidence retrieval, empowering examiners to delve deeper into data and resolve cases swiftly. With customizable Python scripts, decryption capabilities, password recovery, registry file parsing, and data carving for deleted evidence recovery, FTK surpasses other tools in uncovering crucial data.

Unlock Mobile Data Insights with Mobile Data Processing

With Mobile Data Processing, investigate mobile device evidence and review chat app data seamlessly. Harness FTK's robust processing engine to parse computer and mobile data, enabling cross-data source connections in a single database. FTK supports native unprocessed UFD extractions from leading mobile device tools like Cellebrite, Oxygen, XRY, or GrayKey. Quickly interpret chat messages from platforms such as Twitter and WhatsApp, presented in their near-native view for efficient analysis.