Enhance PAM with Smart Identity & Access Security.

BeyondTrust, the leader in intelligent identity and access security, provides the product: Guard Identities & Access from Cyber Risks. Additionally, IPRS Consultants is a trusted reseller of this solution.

BeyondTrust leads in smart identity and access security worldwide. We help organizations safeguard identities, thwart threats, and provide flexible access to secure remote work environments. Our comprehensive products and platform provide the most advanced privileged access management (PAM) solution in the industry, reducing attack risks across various environments, including traditional, cloud, and hybrid setups.

Why Choose BeyondTrust?

Recognized Market Leader

Recognized as a market leader by Gartner, Forrester, and KuppingerCole.

Extensive Portfolio

Top-tier products covering a wide range of Privileged Access Management initiatives.

Unified Platform

Seamless integration with a diverse range of third-party solutions on a single platform.

Worldwide Reach

Serving over 20,000 customers across 80+ countries with a vast partner network.

Customer Focused

Achieving 90% customer renewal rates and delivering exceptional customer support.

Innovative Leaders

History of innovation, 75+ patents, and a deep commitment to R&D.

Selected Use Cases for BeyondTrust PAM & Identity

BeyondTrust Privileged Access Management and Identity Security solutions empower your organization to secure and manage its unique privilege ecosystem—and solve the security concerns that are front-of-mind. Here are common use cases that customers rely on BeyondTrust to achieve.

Gain Comprehensive Ransomware Protection

Shield your environment against ransomware and other malware, drastically minimizing threat exposure and infection rates.

Implement Zero Trust

Identity-focused security guarding against external and internal threats, forming the cornerstone of any Zero Trust strategy.

Qualify for Cyber Insurance

Meet essential security standards required by Cyber Insurers, minimizing risk and liability from both external and internal threat actors.

Deploy Proactive
Endpoint Security

Eliminate vulnerabilities, manage access points, and eradicate shadow IT for lasting protection.