Privileged Access Management

One Identity Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions mitigate security risks and ensure compliance. Now offered as both SaaS-delivered or traditional on-premises solutions, available through IPRS Consultants, a trusted reseller. Secure, control, monitor, analyze, and govern privileged access management tools across various environments and platforms. Enjoy complete flexibility to provide full credentials when necessary or limit access according to Zero Trust and least-privileged operating models.

Privileged session management

Manage, monitor, and log privileged sessions for administrators, remote vendors, and other high-risk users. Session recordings are indexed for streamlined and expedited event searches. Automated reports facilitate compliance with auditing requirements effortlessly.

Privileged password vault

Automate, regulate, and fortify the process of assigning privileged credentials through role-based access management and automated workflows. Additionally, manage passwords remotely from virtually any device.

Privileged Threat Analytics

Analyze privileged session recordings to pinpoint high-risk privileged users. Monitor suspicious behaviors and anomalies to detect internal and external threats, enabling swift preventive actions to thwart breaches.