Strike Ready

Strike Ready Cognitive Security Platform is an advanced security solution designed to protect organizations against cyber threats by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. This platform provides proactive threat detection and response capabilities, enabling organizations to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats. With its intuitive interface and powerful analytics, Strike Ready helps identify and mitigate security incidents in real-time. As a trusted reseller of Strike Ready products, IPRS Consultants ensures that customers have access to cutting-edge security solutions and expert support to safeguard their digital assets effectively.



Using multiple anti-malware engines, static analysis, and Positive Technologies reputation lists for comprehensive malware detection. PT MultiScanner efficiently scans files and archives, including recursively compressed ones, ensuring superior malware detection and prevention.


CARA, designed to replicate a defender's cognitive processes, amalgamates the attributes of an Incident Responder, Threat Hunter, and Malware Researcher. Its primary objective is to empower defenders with rapid analysis, logical reasoning, expert guidance, and swift resolution capabilities.

Unified tools, data, and operations

This technology, vendor-neutral and highly interoperable, provides a unified perspective, facilitating comprehensive comprehension of interconnected data points.

Engaging and interactive reporting

Eliminates data silos through a robust business intelligence reporting framework, enhancing data comprehension and natural interaction. Additionally, it facilitates exporting dashboards and reports in various formats like PDF, PowerPoint, data, or images.


Small, Medium and Large Enterprise — Created for security teams no matter their size with multi-tenancy capability to meet the expectations of an extermely complex environment.

Saclibility And High Availibilty

It offers scalability and high availability with a flexible architecture that supports vertical and horizontal scaling. It's ideal for cluster deployment in an active-active configuration, featuring a centralized management console for streamlined administration.

Embraced by visionaries, StrikeReady introduces a groundbreaking cybersecurity technology powered by Artificial Intelligence - Natural Language Understanding and Supervised Machine Learning. This innovation spearheads a new market category - Security Operations and Management. The fusion of AI, data, and automation enables defenders to prioritize decision-making on exceptions, allowing the platform to handle routine operations seamlessly.